At Koranteng and Koranteng, our core value of Respect translates into our respect for the role we play in the lives of our customers, colleagues, communities, and our commitment to being a responsible business. We are passionate about all things ESG and sustainability as such the firm takes delight in supporting initiatives that aid community growth.


We have taken a literal approach in the Green Ghana Campaign, where we plant trees and employ other methods of eco-conservation aimed at preserving the environment. This initiative is in line with the Legal 500 Global Green Guide’s agenda to explore the legal sector’s contribution to a green transition.

As of 2020, 35% of Ghana’s land was at risk of desertification and land degradation. As such, the minimization of deforestation and restoration of degraded forests is core to Ghana’s overall strategy.

Koranteng and Koranteng is keen to champion environmental stability with a focus on reducing environmental footprints, protecting the environment from degradation, and managing its natural resources.

Our team have experience in the legal aspects of capital markets and securities laws in in Ghana.


Our goal is to operate sustainably and in a cost-effective manner as a firm. Koranteng and Koranteng Legal Advisors recognizes the global importance of the SDGs and our contribution as a business towards its delivery. We recognise that environmental sustainability and an all-inclusive culture are key components of our professional responsibility to deliver excellent services to our clients.

Our culture is based on a vibrant work environment, that contributes towards the well-being of its staff, clients, the community in which we live, our country Ghana, and Africa as a whole.

Koranteng and Koranteng has a culture that supports employees, regardless of gender, race, age, or religion. We believe in the beauty of diversity and welcome people from various backgrounds which lends itself to a creative, vibrant, and dynamic workplace that delivers the best solutions for our clients.

Our firm particularly has a keen interest in providing opportunities for women to flourish and attain their full potential through policies like these:
Providing our women with all the opportunities possible for career excellence.

Ensuring that our women have the personal and technical skills needed for thriving in the legal profession.

  • Holistic development by giving our women a platform to project their voice on the world stage through participation in seminars/workshops/presentations etc.
  • Reinforcing the values of our astute and honourable legal profession in our women through our culture, code of business conduct, leadership support, and being aware that rights come with responsibilities.
  • Preserving utmost respect and sensitivity for women in our staff through our anti- discrimination and anti-harassment regulations in our employee handbook and fostering empathy in our men by exposure to the unique experience and the conditions needed for our women to thrive in a male-dominated profession/society.