Our regulatory and compliance practice is supported by several years of navigating various regulatory agencies for various industries on behalf of our clients. Our approach to assisting our clients to secure relevant permits and authorisations is not only based on law but on our extensive network and relationships over the years.

Our work on regulatory issues cover foreign direct investments into Ghana and include advisory work in the following areas;

  • Registration of technology transfer and management services agreements with the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre;
  • Banking and Fintech licenses from Bank of Ghana;
  • Listings on Ghana Stock Exchange
  • Prospectus reviews from Securities & Exchange Commission
  • Minerals Commission
  • National Communications Authority
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Food & Drugs Authority

Compliance is at the forefront of our service delivery to clients given our advice to companies listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange, New York Stork Exchange and banks regulated by the Bank of Ghana. We engage with consultants with a wide experience in compliance in the financial industry in London which provides a solid background understanding to various compliance matters across different jurisdictions as it would be applied within Ghana.

For those entities connected to the USA and UK, we have experience in the application of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Anti-Bribery Act. We are experienced in the facilitation of training sessions in the above areas including:

  • Training of ATC Tower (Ghana) Staff on Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • Training of PWC Ghana staff on Technology Transfer Agreements and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • Ministry of Finance Training on Contract Law and Contract Management
  • Training on Business Registration and Corporate Governance for the Inclusive Agribusiness Centre and MDF West Africa.

We advise our business clients on the importance of corporate governance and assist them to draft and implement relevant corporate policies, implement governance structures such as delegations of authority and provide training.