Ghana’s Economic Response And Legal Framework Analysis In the Report: Ghana 2024

Oxford Business Group (OBG) and Koranteng & Koranteng Legal Advisors have formalised a strategic collaboration aimed at unveiling a comprehensive insight into Ghana’s legal framework in The Report: Ghana 2024. This partnership signifies a concerted effort to provide investors, policymakers, and businesses with essential insights into Ghana’s evolving legal landscape.

Ghana faced economic challenges in 2022 due to pre-existing imbalances and external shocks, impacting the post-COVID-19 economic recovery. The nation has responded with initiatives such as front-loaded fiscal consolidation, tighter monetary policies, and structural reforms in key domains, including tax policy, revenue administration, and public financial management. Additionally, efforts are underway to address vulnerabilities in sectors like energy and cocoa, aimed at restoring macroeconomic stability.

Koranteng & Koranteng Legal Advisors has been involved in the renegotiation of power purchase agreements and restructuring of the debts owed to Independent Power Producers (IPPs) on behalf of the Ministry of Finance.

The upcoming report seeks to shine a light on critical aspects of Ghana’s legal environment. It will delve into an extensive analysis of the country’s current legal structures, encompassing corporate law, labour regulations, foreign investment policies, and property laws, among other essential facets.

Afua Adubea Koranteng, Managing Partner at Koranteng & Koranteng Legal Advisors, expressed their support in the nation’s efforts to attract investments and enhance understanding among global stakeholders through this partnership with OBG.

“Through meticulous examination and analysis, The Report: Ghana 2024 aims to elucidate not just the existing legal structures but also the evolving trends and pivotal changes shaping Ghana’s legal ecosystem. We aspire for this report to serve as a cornerstone resource, empowering stakeholders with a profound understanding of the legal nuances crucial for navigating Ghana’s dynamic business landscape with confidence and clarity,” she added.

Ramona Tarta, OBG’s Country Director in Ghana, emphasised the significance of this partnership, designating it as noteworthy as it stands as a testament to the combined expertise and commitment to providing a comprehensive understanding of Ghana’s legal landscape, promising a depth of insight that stakeholders can expect with great anticipation.

“Our collaboration represents a fusion of expertise aimed at offering an unparalleled exploration of Ghana’s legal framework in The Report: Ghana 2024. This partnership harnesses OBG’s established credibility and Koranteng & Koranteng Legal Advisors’ extensive local insight, providing a holistic view that aims to navigate complexities and offer invaluable perspectives essential for stakeholders seeking a deeper comprehension of Ghana’s evolving legal environment,” she said.

The Report: Ghana 2024 will be developed in collaboration with Koranteng & Koranteng Legal Advisors, and esteemed partners including Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), Association of Ghana Industries (AGI), Price Waterhouse Cooper Ghana (PwC), and Africa Medical Information Centre (AMIC). The report will feature contributions from leading figures in both the public and private sectors, showcasing insights from prominent personalities and experts within Ghana’s legal and business landscape.

The culmination of extensive field research conducted by a team of analysts from Oxford Business Group, The Report: Ghana 2024 will serve as a comprehensive guide encompassing various facets of the country’s legal framework, economic landscape, and sectoral developments. It aims to provide invaluable insights tailored for investors, businesses, and policymakers seeking a profound understanding of Ghana’s evolving business environment.