Ghana is ready to commence sub-Saharan Africa’s first liquefied natural gas-to-power project for the cleaner and cheaper fuel in the region.

Energy experts call for a change in the tariff structure which makes industries subsidize the cost of power consumption for households.

Ghana can expect to up to US$ 60billion from the implementation of the Petroleum Hub Development Corporation Bill passed by Parliament

Ghana can expect to save up to $3 billion over the next two decades just by switching from light liquid crude oil to natural gas in her electricity plants.

As part of the move towards renewable energy, Axon Limited has commenced the construction of a solar plant to complement the power received from the main power grid

Ghana lured investors to its power industry to end chronic electricity shortages with deals it can no longer afford.

The future is here. SolarTaxi, an initiative of Kumasi Hive, has designed commercial vehicles that run on Solar energy. Outright purchases of the electric cars have already begun. The company also offers the vehicles for leasing.

Ghana has recorded its highest ever electricity export since 2000, a report by the Energy Commission’s on Energy Statistics has revealed.